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The idea for RouteRope started like most new things that are unique, out of necessity. One of the coolest things about this product is that it was invented, developed and patented by 2 best friends looking to make it easier for our kids to learn and play football. We weren’t trying to come up with the next big idea or make a bunch of money, it was purely out of the love of the game and teaching it. I have 2 sons 4 years apart and we coach both teams. This has given us the opportunity to see RouteRopes improve our play for players 5-15 yrs old.

One of the most difficult challenges for us was being able to get all the kids on our teams on the same page in a short amount of time. We coach flag football and there are generally 3 seasons a year lasting about 10-12 weeks depending on how early you like to start. With such a quick turnaround on seasons and different kids in and out it was hard to get consistency. We had so many kids coming in for the first time never having played football and sometimes no sports at all. We just could not get the kids to see what we saw when laying out our cones to show routes. For us, putting the cones out was just not specific enough to show the kids what we wanted them to do. The phrase “herding cats” comes to mind. After some thought and discussion we decided it would be easier to put routes out on the ground like some high school and colleges do with spray paint but without ruining the park for others. We wanted something visual that did not mark up public parks or need to be purchased regularly to keep working. The idea for RouteRopes was born!

Over the course of the next year we applied for our patents, met with manufacturers and kept making changes to our original design based on feedback from coaches who helped us with the product development. This involvement and feedback has made our product so much more than what we originally intended it for. We saw it being used to show lines of scrimmage for newer players, sidelines for sideline protection drills, laid out to show lanes of responsibility on kickoffs/returns and even gap assignment for offensive and defensive lineman.

With the younger teams or first time players you can teach them route types and depths through repetition without them knowing how to follow routes laid out with cones. You put the RouteRopes on the ground and tell them to follow their specific route. We have color coded our base sets to match our playbook. Each player is assigned a color for that offensive series and only runs that colored route. With the ability to lay out whole plays and run them in a team setting you get faster QB-Receiver timing results. The newer players can see play development as it happens and coaches can make changes based on what they see in real time.

For some of the older teams we see an ability to run better anticipation routes. It gives the QB a definitive place to put the ball and the receiver knows exactly where they need to be – and when – through repetition. It helps designate responsibilities on defense when we can practice certain play types showing what type of defense will work best and why. This has led to a better understanding from the older kids quicker and how defensive adjustments need to be made.

From the tackle football point of view, we have seen our RouteRopes used to show Offensive and Defensive line coverage. Coaches mark out their gaps or slots and teach pulling and blocking using this spacing between our grommets (pivot points).

We see so much potential for RouteRopes and would love for you to tell us how you use them!

Anthony Gribble
Owner Antick LLC

We welcome your questions and your feedback – drop us a line on our contact page.